Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Day 65: Some more photos

Good evening.

I'm back from the chess club. I won this night but my score until now is not so good - 2 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss - sharing some 15th position in the ranking. Look down at the harmony in black pieces.

Gerard Bilars(NED) - Lyubomir Mishkovsky (BUL)
Delft, 23 April 2007
0 : 1

One of the company's two Citroens C2 you can book for free for the weekend.
/parking is always a problem/

Silvia - a very close friend of mine

Chris & Silvi

Silvi & Lubo

Uh, what a complicated position. What kind of defense is it?


Tulip - shot in "macro mode"

Monday, April 23, 2007

Day 64: I believe I can fly ...

First of all, I hope mom is not reading this.

Sunday began like a normal Sunday - Silvia, Chris and I woke up, had chocolate for breakfast thinking what to do (forgot to tell you that they came from London especially for the tulips in Kuekenhof). We decided to go to the beach in Scheveningen and have there a coffee and walk next to the sea.

Suddenly Silvi said: "Why don't you try the bungy?". Upsss.

Hey, you know, drinking coffee in a sunny day like this is too dull. Let's do something crazy.

Ok, sign up here and do what you want.

Bungy Tower

Did I tell you this is my first working day here?

Hm. This one survived. Why shall not we?

Stairway to Hell

:-) don't worry. I've done this 100 times before. By the way, where is the toilet?

Ok, it's already late for it. Aouuuyyeeeuououeee!!!


So quickly? Hm, this formula G=m.g really works. Trust your physics teacher.

Silvi & Chris, thanks for the nice weekend!

Remember that Sunday when my friend's wife surprisingly gave birth?
Hey, listen me! I want my calm Sunday!
I wonder, what's next ...