Saturday, September 1, 2007

Day 193: Annual Company Party

This weekend was reserved for the traditional company party. It happens every year around September and all the employees go to a spectacular destination, either in Holland or abroad. We started at noon on Friday with the opening of a new office in the town of Utrecht. After a few drinks and a short speech made by the boss we went out to lift up the company flag under the fanfare trumpets sound of two disguised musicians. Congratulations, good luck & many cracking projects!

In the afternoon we headed to the small town of Simpelveld. Our base camp was represented by a big monastery. At first I couldn't imagine that we would party here but after a while / after we broke a window or two / I attained a better view of the situation.

The evening culminated with a barbecue in the yard ... and karaoke :-)) I've never thought "the karaoke" is such a big fun. A few colleagues were very artistic and received the warm applauses of the fans. Sandro, our Belgium friend, brought his light show equipment ... aaaaaand we transformed the monastery into a real discotheque. Number one contenders were "I will survive" by Roel, or "Grease" sang by Saskia & Bart, or "Like a virgin" sang by all the ladies in Tam Tam :-)

Saturday morning began with mountain biking around the surrounding villages and "hills". This is the moment to tell that Paul came from Rotterdam to Simpelveld on his bike, about 200km. Crazy dutch people.

The rules of an interesting game were introduced to us after lunch. The idea of the whole thing was to go sightseeing in Maastricht while playing. We were divided to teams of 5, received a mobile phone and GPS locator . We had to pass trough several points in the town and to get the position of these special places we had to answer questions sent by SMS. You answer the question, you get the new coordinates.

Saturday night was also stunning. A big bus came to pick up us (about 50 people) and bring to the "Bozzini" discotheque. Who could guess that one of the biggest discos I'd ever seen would be next to the only 11000 town of Simpelveld. A slight explanation can be the fact that this place is in a province called "Limburg" that is between Holland, Germany and Belgium. Probably people from all these countries come at weekends. /on the photo: Tam Tam colleagues/

Everything in this disco is organized in the best possible way, starting from security and wardrobe and ending up with light effects, sounds, dancing floors and decoration. To feel the atmosphere try these images here.

Very nice weekend but as we know after the weekend there is always that day called "Monday".