Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 456: Eurostar - train faster than airplane


Monday was a Bank Holiday here and I thought it was time for a new trip. This time I decided to try the high speed train - Eurostar - that
goes down The Channel. Starting from central London you can be in Paris or Bruxelles in about 2 hours. Amazing. Speed like 250/300 km/h is nothing for this train, I've read it has experimentally reached something like 550 km/h. Are we still talking about trains? The real train is very comfortable and spacious, with a nice snack bar inside, air conditioning and so on ... you can't feel the speed at all, your only task is to enjoy the scenery.

I forgot to tell you that I was going to Holland which is a further one hour away from Bruxelles. I've been in England for a few weeks and already started to miss some friends and football games in Delft. Agenda also included visiting an African restaurant in Utrecht and drinking coconut beer, and also driving a VW Beattle car built in 1968, but now registered in Italy and using a GPS navigational system "Tom Tom", version 2008 :-)

It was a great weekend, many thanks to Massi, Giulia, Francesca, Marta, Daniele, Marta's parents, Nikola, Marinela and my friends who I play football with. Have a look at Bas & Kas :-))

A few more photos here.

Tot zo.