Sunday, March 11, 2007

Day 22: Sunny weekend!

Hi, bloggers!
How are you?

I was lucky this weekend - had two sunny days. On Saturday went to the center of Delft for the "traditional" shopping. This is the only time I can spend a few euros here. At lunch time I was at "Markt Square" and sat for a meal while waiting my Iranian colleague to come.Everything in the menu cost around 10 Euros(9,25-11,25). I can't understand why they've made it since they could easily say "Everything for 10!". Chose a nice image(not being sure it was chicken or fish), ordered and leaned back in my chair enjoying the sun. It was fish. It came too quickly but to be honest I was disappointed by the size of the portion. These things on the table cost 16,53. Victoria, how much does it cost in Idaho? I think prices in London were not so high. In Bulgaria this costs less than 5 Euros. (That's on the topic of prices and the question I get by some Bulgarian friends: "Is it expensive there?"). Ok, it depends, and at the end, part of the price is the place - it's in the heart of the town and the sun was great. So, I think it was even cheap :))

Then Shahin came and we went for a coffee. On the way we were talking about the Bulgarian tradition and wearing "mart-enichki", Iranian revolution(in 1979 Iran(also known as Persia) stopped to be a monarchy and became "Islamic Republic"), religion, life in Teheran. I was very surprised that in the 16 million Iranian capital there wasn't one discotheque. I'm not joking, he didn't too. I was even more surprised when heard about his negative attitude towards their religion(how it interferes with other aspects of life) and current Iranian politics(you can't be at a high position if you are not religious man). Learned also that their home Internet was filtered and of course they are not allowed to drink alcohol. He added that their country must be modernized but this needs time. Lol.

Sunday. Slept until 10:30, surfed the Net for an hour, ate a pizza and decided it's high time to go and see the sea. Got on the tram and after half an hour I was in Scheveningen/I beg you can't say that name as they say it/. By the way Scheveningen is the place where 20 years ago the Bulgarian chess player Kiril Georgiev became World Junior Champion.

The beach is so long. There were thousands of people walking, jogging, shopping. This might be the place I'll spend my summer weekends/the tram stops next to my house in Delft and goes directly to the beach/.

The first thing your eye is immediately grabbed by is the big concrete platform that goes deep into the sea. The tower is being reconstructed and prepared for bungy jumps facility. I think I'll try it in summer(hope mom is not reading these lines).

Ok. This post got too long. Tomorrow is a day for chess and my second game in DSC Delft. Analysis will follow ...