Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day 391: Paris, you are simply the best!


Few weeks ago I had the chance to go to Paris and I am simply dazzled by this city.

I could spend a weekend there - time sufficient enough only to point out the places you should visit when you come again for a longer period. Nevertheless, I managed to go on top of the Eiffel Tower, Arc the Triumph, walk down the "Champs Elysees" boulevard, have a look at the Louvre and Notre Dam Cathedral.

This is the first time I am really impressed by architecture, incredible structures. A friend of mine had to come and bring me back from the terrace of the Eiffel Tower, I could stay there for hours. Streets in Paris are so wide, I read the city was totally reconstructed around 1850 when, on his way back from London, Napoleon III said he wanted to see Paris as organized as the England capital. Then the government bought all the properties in the center, destroyed old medieval like buildings, laid down canalization, broadened streets and created laws saying houses must not be higher than a certain level. That's why Paris looks so beautiful today.

French language is like music but very difficult to write, quite different from Dutch for example :-)) where every second word contains 'g' produced with difficulties by your throat and nose. French food, bistros, wines, cheese ... I still remember that girl who after dinner said "Monsieur, what kind of cheese do you want ... blue, bri ..." and brought a plate full of all kind of cheese.

You can see photos from the trip here.

I definitely want to visit this city again in summer.

Au revoir! Viva la révolution!