Saturday, October 20, 2007

Day 242: F R I E N D S

Ok, it's a good idea to show you some special friends from Delft. I could create another blog dedicated to them and the funny stories we had but this time I'll confine only to introducing them. From left to right:

Daniele - The KormoranO, my Italian friend from Pietra Ligure (Genova) who is working over a master thesis project in the area of gas explosions. Several times a day radio stations in town warn about Danyele's experiments. He can tell you that increasing too much gas velocity may prevent ignition or explain why Berlusconi won the elections with an almoast 100% score in Sicilia ... but his ultimate goal is to blow his company in the air and become an idol for generations of chemical engineers. Salute, Dany!

Roi - my "crappy" spanish friend from Cantiago de Compostela who is working over a master thesis project in the area of mechanical engineering and especially heat pumps. He can demistify that lesson in physics from 9th class that you didn't understand - "the reverse cycle of Carnot" ... or simply said, why your fridge actually works. Que pasa, Roi?

The Tiramisu - my best friend!

Marta - the sunny girl from Mallorka who is already an ENGINEER! She can make a very nice tortilla for you and guide you through the subtleties of the Catalan and Spanish language. Bueno, Marta!

Lubo - sorry, i don't know this guy ... looks like a crazy chess fan.

Marta, Dany, Roi! I'm glad to know you!

Day 241

... sorry, nothing interesting these days ... maybe a hush before the storm?