Sunday, November 25, 2007

Day 275: Short trip to London

After surviving very busy two months I could find some time for a short holiday and a trip to London. I had only three days but managed to visit a few interesting places. Though quite expensive and not very secure I always enjoy visiting this city - it's a great mixture of tradition and modern elements.

On Friday had the chance to see the England capital from above by trying "London Eye". It's an amazing construction, right at the heart of the city, that offers a tremendous view over The Thames and The Houses of Parliament.

At night met one class mate from high school who I had not seen for about 10 years. She spent the past 7 years studying for a bachelor degree in Japan. Wow! Respect! After that we joined a "thanks giving dinner" organized by some American students. I didn't know this is such an important event for the North American people. I could hear the story of Pilgrims and the Indians.

Sunday was reserved for going to "Millennium Dome" and seeing the exhibition of the famous Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. This boy took the throne very young but died mysteriously at the age of 19. Some artifacts from the king's tomb were present but the mask and the mummy are strictly kept in the museum in Cairo.

Good night ladies and gentlemen.