Sunday, September 9, 2007

Day 200: The name of the game - Footballllllllllll

Saturday, the 8th of September 2007, 20:30, "Amsterdam Arena", EURO 2008 qualification match, group G, Holland vs Bulgaria, result 2:0.

One of the most beautiful places (not stadiums) I've ever been is called "Amsterdam Arena" - the home ground of the famous football club "Ajax". Add to that The Bulgarian National Team was playing ... and I'm running out of words.

It was a great game. Bulgarians played well, we must be proud. Unfortunately our goalkeeper allowed a surprising goal that turned the game upside down. Anyway, everyone was very well motivated and wanted the win. Berbatov was incredible - very technical and fit. I had the chance to watch the game from 5-10 meters. I tell you, it's very difficult to play good football.

Actually I was lucky because 2 hours before the game I didn't have a ticket. I went to the stadium with the last hope that I would meet one of those guys who speculate with tickets. And I met one. Payed for it the double price but I was glad that he didn't know I was ready to give him 5 times the price :-)

There was another funny fact - my ticket defined a place in the Dutch sector and I had to sit with my white shirt amongst the thousands of orange shirts. Genrally Dutch people are very tolerant and again I didn't have any problems, just the opposite - they were smiling. Going to a football match for these people is similar to going to a spectacle/theater. From my position I could see very well the Bulgarian sector who didn't stop to support the team during the whole game. Also it was very nice to see 4000 Bulgarians in Amsterdam, dancing typical folklore and singing, "singing for a win".

For more photos from the game check here.

8th of Sep!

P.S.: Forgot to tell you that I finally joined the Ariston football club and played 90 minutes on Saturday. We finished 2:2, the opponent equalized from a penalty in the last minute. It was very disappointing ... and very difficult to play on a 100 meters field.