Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day 411: Hola Barcelona!

... and one final weekend of holidays. This time it was Barcelona - the capital of Catalonia, Spain.

Again remarkable city, sun and tasty food. Thanks to Marta (Muchas Gracias!), our strict but fair guide, we could see it in 2-3 days walking for about 10 kilometers per day and meet most of her friends, mainly young people from Mallorka.

I really enjoyed the long green street for pedestrians called "Las Ramblas", the Columbus statue next to the sea shore, the view from "Gaudi" park and "The National Museum", typical Catalan dishes, fruit and see food market (poor crabs), all this narrow "Mediterranean" streets and small balconies with flowers, and of course the pleasant company of Nuria, Marta, Carlota, Roi and Dany (see photo).

Don't forget they don't (want to) speak Spanish(Castillian) in Barcelona but Catalan language. People are quite patriotic and proud in that region. We had a funny story when sat down in a restaurant and Roi and Carlota who live in North West Spain couldn't understand the menu :-0 This language happened to be quite different.

Another thrilling moment was taking a photo in front of the mythical "Camp Nou" stadium - the place where the great Bulgarian football star Hristo Stoichkov became Legend.

Maybe my photos will be able to tell you more about this trip ... I have to go back to work.